Safety with out Interference!

After Hours Test and Tag started in 2010 and pride ourselves on our ability to work to the specific needs of our client’s.

Safety is important… but we don’t think it should stop you from working. This is why we think that it is our responsibility to be flexible enough to make sure you can have a safe work environment without interfering with work.

We offer the same great rates whether we are working inside outside or around standard business hours.

We are as committed as you are to your team’s safety and want to work with you to maintain it.

Why not contact us and find out how we can help?

Testing and Tagging is a crucial part of business, legislation has been set to ensure that both employees, customers and owners are safe in their work environment.

Electrical Tagging is a crucial part of business and legislation is in place ensure that both employees, customers and owners work in a safe environment.

In order to maintain a safe environment and avoid legal repercussions we thought we would break it down for you. Please click below for details on what you need to do to fulfil your responsibilities.

Testing Tool’s for Work sites

Testing Equipment in the Office

  • Tradey Friendly – Why stop work to have your tools tested

    No Surcharge, No Frustration, Its just too Easy!
  • A Scheduled Reminder System.

    Our aim is safety, so if you like, we can send you an email/text message to let you know your tools are nearly due.