Our expert technicians will come to your work site when it’s convenient for you, to perform a battery of tests using advanced PAT devices.

Beginning with a visual inspection of the devices in question, our testers proceed to perform a functional test of the device that ensures that all internal wiring is correct.

Insulation resistance is also tested, ensuring there are no small cracks or cuts in the devices shielding. For class I appliances, the earth resistance is also examined, to ensure that every external metal face has a low earth resistance.

Our testers additionally test for current leakage, applying Kirchhoff’s current law to ensure that every device is functioning properly.

Following the device testing a tag will be applied to the plug end of the lead, incorporating the following details:

  • Test Date
  • Due Date
  • Plant Number
  • The signature of the tester.
  • Tradey Friendly – Why stop work to have your tools tested

    No Surcharge, No Frustration, Its just too Easy!
  • A Scheduled Reminder System.

    Our aim is safety, so if you like, we can send you an email/text message to let you know your tools are nearly due.